Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to a few of the most common questions

What is your minimum order?

There are no minimum orders, however as these shirts are printed manually, by hand and not by a computer, the process involved in creating your shirts becomes much more economical with orders of 25 or more shirts. We certainly can do smaller orders but please contact us directly for pricing.

What are set up fees?
We don’t have any hidden fees and don’t charge separately for setting up your job.
Can I mix and match sizes, styles, and colors of garment?

Sizes & Styles - Yes as long as the print image is exactly the same. We reserve the right to say “hey man that won’t work”

Colors - Shirt colors can be changed for free as long as the image colors don’t have to change. You cannot print the same colored image on light and dark shirts with out at changing the ink colors. If the image requires an ink color change to show up on the new shirt color, an ink change fee of $20 will be charged.

Can I print some of my shirts with different color ink(s)?
Yes as long as the design stays the same. There is an ink change fee of $20 for us to change the ink colors.
What is your max print size?
Currently our max image print size is 12” X 15”.
Can you print the same design men’s and women’s shirts?

Yes, we print on a wide variety of garments. The max image print size is 10”x15”. Keep in mind that the print has to be the same size / same design. Every time we have to set up or re-set up a change its considered a different order.

What is your standard turn time?

For orders under 300 shirts 5-7 business days. For larger orders please contact us for timing. The clock doesn’t start ticking until the day after payment is made and print ready art is received.

Do you offer rush service?

Yes we offer rush service but we do charge for it. Typically it runs an additional $1 per day / per imprint location. In other words if you have a front & back print and need it 2 days quicker that would be a $4 per unit rush.

What files do you accept?
We prefer 300dpi .AI or .EPS Vector Files. If you cannot get vector files we can use raster PSDs, PDFs, Tiffs, or Jpgs.  We do not charge for separating colors from full color art, however if the image is not scalable due to low resolution, additional fees may be required to clean up the art. Remember poor art in = Poor art out.
Having trouble setting up your files?

Don’t worry! In most cases we can recreate your design for $25-$75 per image. We also are designers so we can design your shirt from scratch. T-Shirt designs start at $150 and vary depending on the complexity and usage of the image.

What type of inks do you use and whats the difference?
We use plastisol inks. Plastisol provides a thick, opaque print. Plastisol inks are more durable than water-based inks so you will not see any fading after the first wash.
What is an under-base?
Under-base is a base coat of white used on darker garments so that the other colors printed on top “pop” off the dark background. Imagine primer for painting a wall - if you don’t prime the wall the paint is dulled by the coat of paint under it. NifTee Shirts does NOT charge for the underbase.
Can you color match or Pantone Match?
NifTee shirts will match the colors of your logo or artwork to look nearly identical. Please contact us if you require an exact Pantone match. NifTee Shirts does not charge extra for matching colors.
Will I get a proof?
Yes we will send you a digital mock up of your design so you can approve placement and color. Once approved we will begin production based on that mock up. Clients that require a physical proof will be scheduled an hour block to stop by and approve the press proof. There is a $50 charge for physical proof as well as any additional charges that may apply if the client needs to change something on their end.
Can you send me a photo of my shirt before you print the whole order?
Yes but we cannot hold the presses until you reply. If you need a photo proof of the first print lets us know and we will communicate a time to “be on call” for the email. We cannot delay production more than 10 minutes with out charging a proofing fee.
When will my order be ready and how will I know?
Please communicate your deadlines with our staff and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. We will call & email when your order is ready to pick up. If we are shipping your order we will email you the tracking numbers when we make the label(s).
What types of shirts do you use?

We source our shirts from many different locations and are able to print on any brand and size of shirt as long as it is at least 50% cotton and the image fits the max image size.

Can you print on more than just shirts?

Yes, we can print on hats, totes, hoodies, sweaters, pretty much anything as long as it is at least 50% cotton and the image fits the max image size. Please contact us to discuss your needs.